Download Required Files

Download css files here
Download js files here
Download excel file for tag mapping

Add CSS and JS  to your website’s head tag

For CSS:

<link href=“define the path here” rel=stylesheet>

For JS:

<script src=”define the path here”></script>

Embedding FAQ Widget

<div  class=”pvr-embed-faq”

     data-tag-filter=”t:mobapp AND (t:india OR t:global)”







Guide to define superset & hide tags:


Global filter

The global filter is a superset that has certain tags and “AND”, “OR” relation between the tags. The global filter helps define what results will be shown on a third party website.

For instance, applying a global filter by changing the values in data-tag-filter as:

data-tag-filter=“t:mobapp AND (t:india OR t:global)” 

would mean that only the  FAQ posts containing the “mobapp” tag, further filtered by “india” or “global” tag would be fetched and shown on the UI. 


Hide certain categories from the UI

This feature lets you hide certain categories from the UI. For instance, adding category id that you prefer to hide in data-tag-hide area would hide all FAQ posts under that category. 

data-tag-hide=“1000, 2000, 5101”