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Grid connected solar rooftop systems


Faqs.solar is an internet knowledge centre, the comprehensive and proved information about the grid connected solar rooftop systems.

About FAQs:

FAQs provides information about the technology, policies & regulations, concerned authorities, implementation process, benefits, incentives & subsidies etc.  associated with grid connected solar rooftop systems.

The FAQs & its answers have been prepared by collecting existing information available & presenting in lucid way for the stakeholders.

The stakeholders can provide their comments on the FAQs and can ask new questions about the grid connected solar rooftop systems.

The FAQs has been developed under the EU – India Technical Cooperation Project.

How to use:

A person can filter the search by using keywords in the search tab or can access the entire list of FAQs without using filters. In case, anybody has any comment related to a particular FAQ, it can be mentioned in the comment button.

Mobile application for more convenience

To make it more convenient for the stakeholders to access the FAQs, a mobile application has also been developed.

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