Operations & Maintenance

What is an Operation & Maintenance contract?

An Operation & Maintenance contract establishes a contractual relationship between the plant owner, and the contractor of the project. It performs an essential role in the operations phase of the plant, and has a significant impact on the projects’ long-term success. Accordingly, it is a key document from the point of view of both, the Owner and the Contractor. A well drafted operation & maintenance contract can, not only bring transparency in responsibilities & activities, but also ensures in maximizing the energy generation from the plant and enabling it to function smoothly. Like this:Like Loading... Read more

Why Operation & Maintenance of Rooftop Solar Plant is required?

Rooftop solar plants are not maintenance free, they require a regimen of continual monitoring, periodic inspection,  preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and service calls. These actions are required to enhance up-time, performance, economic viability, address unplanned outages & repair etc. Operation & Maintenance of a rooftop solar plant is essential to maximize both energy yield and the plant’s useful life. Rooftop Solar Plants lifetime are expected to be 25 years or more, so safe and proper maintenance is an integral part of successful and reliable operation. Like this:Like Loading... Read more

How can I check whether my rooftop solar plant is operational?

You can check whether your solar plant is operational or not by following options: The inverter has indication lights which shows the status of operation (One can refer the inverter manual to understand the signals from indication lights)  and via display panel of the inverter or remote monitoring a person can check the generation from the plant. Learn more about how to view instantaneous generation of my solar rooftop plant: By reading the value from Solar Meter which records the no. of units generated by your plant. Like this:Like Loading... Read more

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