Metering configurations for Rooftop Solar Power Plants

There are two common types of metering arrangements available for solar PV Installations. net-metering gross metering Selection of the metering configuration that best suits the consumer depends upon on the purpose of solar PV system installation and state regulations. General utility metering arrangement A general utility metering arrangement caters electricity supplied through the utility grid to a consumer via power distribution lines. The utility installs an energy meter to monitor and record the consumption i.e. the amount of electricity imported by the consumer. Net metering Net metering is a utility billing mechanism that allows the consumer to export the surplus solar generation from grid-connected solar PV system into the utility grid. This arrangement changes the consumer interaction with the utility from a one-way relationship to a two-way relationship. With net metering, the consumer not only imports the electricity from the grid but also gains the ability to export the electricity to the grid which is recorded by a bi-directional energy meter installed by the utility. A solar PV system can often generate more electricity than one consumes during daylight hours. This combination of high output and low usage results in surplus power. With net metering, the consumer can export this surplus electricity during daytime to the utility grid and consume the electricity when solar system is not generating. Therefore, with the net-metering arrangement, a consumer is only billed for the “net” energy used, i.e. the difference between the energy produced by the solar PV power system and the energy consumed over the […] Read more

How is the Net-Metering of grid connected rooftop solar plant is established?

In India, the local utility company/DISCOM is responsible to establish net-metering for grid connected rooftop solar plants. The local utility company or the DISCOM first reviews the application for net-metering and requisite project related documents submitted by the consumer or the installer of the solar plant and provides approval, if the project is feasible based on the capacity of local distribution transformer & the design documents, components etc. of the system are inline with their requirements. Once that the project is approved & the plant is installed, the Net-Meter is installed by the local utility company/DISCOM. Like this:Like Loading... Read more

Who is responsible for procurement, testing & installation of net-meter?

Depending on the state regulations, the DISCOM or the consumer procures the net-meter as per the energy meter standards specified in the state regulation. The testing of the net-meter & installation at the consumer premises is done by the respective DISCOM. Like this:Like Loading... Read more