Lightning Arrester

What is earthing and why is it important in a rooftop solar power plant?

Earthing refers to a safety system designed to protect electrical wires and components from damage caused by sudden electrical power surges. The aim of earthing in electrical installations and circuits is to enhance the safety of the installation by reducing the level of danger inherent to fault currents. Fault currents may be caused by different factors. Therefore, it is very important to design an earthing system according to the installation’s characteristics.  Earthing system is important because it provides: – Safety for humans from electric shocks; – Protects the installation and equipment itself from any damage; – Safety from atmospheric electricity (lightning) etc.   Like this:Like Loading... Read more

What are the general safety rules to minimize risk before, during and post-installation?

Safety should always be a priority during any installation. Although, most of the safety aspects and technical standards are followed by the manufactures and installers of the rooftop solar power plants, there are a few general safety rules that one should know to minimize risk in a solar power plant before, during and post-installation. Pre-installation PV module installation area/roof must be thoroughly inspected by the installer for possible electrical, chemical, fire etc. hazards before installation The roof where the solar power plant is being installed should be strong enough to support the weight of the plant to avoid future damage Never install a PV power plant near chimneys or flame outlets that could damage the PV modules PV module should be designed with safe lines (wherever needed) so that the maintenance and cleaning of the PV modules can be done safely During installation PV modules or other PV components should not be installed during bad weather. PV modules can be blown around by the wind or a storm which can result in you falling or damage to the PV system and nearby objects and even injury to humans Always ensure that extreme safety precautions (including body harnesses, lifelines and safety nets) are used by the installer to prevent slipping, falling and causing injury when working, especially at height Make sure the area underneath the installed PV modules is clean, clear and free of foreign objects which prevents from water logging Make sure your entire solar power plant is properly and […] Read more

What is the role of lightning arrestor in solar PV systems?

Lightning can strike anywhere at any time without warning & it can be destructive even when if it does not strike directly. The energy released by a lightning discharge is one of the most common causes of fire. Therefore, personal and fire protection is of utmost importance in case of a lightning strike to the building. Lightning arrestors are designed to absorb voltage spikes caused by electrical storms, and effectively allow the surge to bypass power wiring and the PV system. Like this:Like Loading... Read more