Suggestive prerequisites to conduct a site survey

As site survey is the foundation step, therefore surveyors should prepare for a site survey in a very structured manner. Surveyor should ensure the following:

  • Carrying necessary tools – All necessary tools for measuring distance, orientation, angle should be present. Surveyor should also have torch, camera and notebook to make a record of site images and information received onsite;
  • Site Survey Checklist/Form – It should be ensured that site survey form/checklist in physical or digital format is available with the surveyor. (A physical survey form may be always kept a spare as many sites may not have access to proper internet)
  • Information to the customer – The prospective client should be well informed about the visit and should be asked to make necessary arguments to access the roof, example ladder etc. in case it is not
  • Safety during survey – Site surveys for a rooftop solar installation involves work at height, therefore the surveyor should choose proper clothes for a survey and should carry safety equipment including body harness if working at a height.

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