Site survey for a rooftop solar installation

A site survey is done to collect information about various aspects of the possibility of a rooftop solar power plant installation, such as local conditions, consumer’s voltage level, his power consumption & energy requirement, physical details of the site such as size, direction & strength of the roof, height from the ground, access path, location of the interconnection panel, possible cable route and inverter location, nearby objects, shadow analysis, local regulatory limitations etc.

Usually, for small rooftop solar power plants requirements, site surveys are often done manually by skilled manpower, on the basis of which a computer-aided design (CAD) model of the site is prepared, which is used for the power plant design, estimation of balance of system and eventually the estimation of budget. For large roofs and critical areas which may consume more time for conducting a survey manually are also being surveyed using drones these days, which helps in getting full aerial view of the roof in one go.

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