Roles and responsibilities of DISCOM as per operational guidelines of GCRT Phase – II programme

Following listed are the roles and responsibilities of a DISCOM set out by MNRE under the operational guidelines on the implementation of Phase – II of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme.

Under these guidelines, DISCOMs are required to:

  1. Create an RTS cell at each Division level headed by the Executive Engineer and the respective Sub-Divisional Officer shall act as nodal officer for implementation of RTS projects in his operational area;
  2. Develop a dedicated online web portal for implementation of grid-connected RTS projects. This portal shall be integrated with MNRE SPIN portal for which assistance may be provided by MNRE
    to respective DISCOMs;
  3. Empanel installers/agencies for design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of RTS system in residential premises, by floating of Expression of Interest either itself or through a designated agency;
  4. Notify time-bound procedure for implementation of the rooftop solar programme;
  5. Notify cost of metering arrangements, related connectivity components and other charges and ensure availability of appropriate meters.
  6. Undertake capacity building programs for DISCOM officers for RTS projects on regular basis.
  7. Undertake consumer awareness campaigns through print and electronic media, developed guidebook/handbook;
  8. Include appropriate metering settlement mechanism in ERP system and billing software;
  9. Develop a time-bound grievance redressal mechanism;
  10. To take utmost care so that there is minimum loss of solar power due to grid failure during daytime or from any other reasons within their jurisdiction.


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