MNRE SPIN Portal and its role in GCRT Phase-II Implementation

SPIN (, is a National Web Portal deployed my MNRE to assist in the implementation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme. Key functions of SPIN include:

  • Active National database of Grid Connected RTS Installations
  • Used for RTS Capacity Sanction and Approval Management
  • Project Completion Reports (CFA & Non-CFA RTS Projects)
  • Managing CFA and Incentive disbursement prerequisites between MNRE and Implementing Agency.

Under the Phase-II of the GCRT Programme SPIN is being used for:

  • PCR Submission for CFA based projects (under Component-A)
  • PCR Submission for Non-CFA based projects (under Component-B)

As per the Operational Guidelines for Phase-II issued by MNRE DISCOM/Implementing Agency is required to submit a Project Completion Report (PCR) against each individual RTS installed under the programme for with its is claiming Incentive or Service Charges. DISCOM can easily open and use their SPIN accounts. User Manual on how to open and operate the DISCOM account on SPIN portal is available here. 

The following webinar recording by EU-India TCP: Energy and NIC guides on “How to submit a Non-CFA based Project Completion Report on MNRE SPIN Portal”

Integration of SPIN Portal with Rooftop Solar Portals

Additionally, DISCOM/Implementing Agency Rooftop Solar Web portals used for the implementation of the Phase-II programme are required to be integrated with SPIN Portal via web service issued by MNRE.

What is the need of Integration?

  • Mandatory for settlement of project accounts under any RTS sanction given by MNRE ;
  • Instant PCR Submission as and when RTS project is commissioned;
  • IT interface reduces rework and physical paperwork;
  • Eventually reduces transaction costs for all stakeholders.

The following webinar recording by EU-India TCP: Energy and NIC guides on “How to integrate their rooftop solar portals to the central government database of grid-connected rooftop solar called SPIN, via NIC web services.

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