Selection of vendors and discovery of rates by DISCOM

Once the proposal submitted by DISCOM on SPIN portal is accepted and approved, a capacity sanction is issued by MNRE, under which the project commissioning timeline shall be fifteen months from the date of sanction.

Empanelment of Vendors

s the programme is very new, DISCOMs may also utilize the existing infrastructure of State Nodal Agencies (SNA) or may also implement the program through SNAs. In such cases, service charges may be appropriately divided between the two agencies. However, projects would be sanctioned to DISCOM only and SNA would be acting as the supporting agencies for DISCOM. The point of contact for MNRE in the case may be, will always be DISCOM.

DISCOM or its authorised agency are required to invite Expression of Interest/Public Tender for empanelment of agencies/vendors and discover the rate for the installation of rooftop solar systems for eligible consumers under the jurisdiction of the DISCOM. The selected bidder is required to follow the quality control orders and standards for all components of the RTS system and its installation as per MNRE Guidelines. DISCOM may enure that state regulations and policies adhere in the public tender.

Cost to Beneficiary

The beneficiary/ DISCOM eligible consumer will have the option of installing RTS system through any of these empanelled vendors at net of CFA amount i.e. making payment to the vendors after deducting the eligible CFA amount. The vendor will claim the CFA from the DISCOM. The CFA for the residential sector is permissible only if domestic manufactured Solar PV modules (using domestic manufactured Solar cells) are installed.

Example: Assuming the rate discovered in the tender is INR 40 per Watt for installation of rooftop solar system from 1 to 10 Kilowatt capacity.

  • Plant Capacity: 2 kWp (2000 Watt)
  • Project Cost: INR 40 X 2000 Watt = INR 80,000
  • Applicable CFA: INR 80,000 X 40% = INR 36,000
  • Effective Cost to be paid by beneficiary: INR 80,000 – INR 36,000 = INR 44,000


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