What checks must be performed during the inspection of the structures used in a solar PV system?

The structure is an important element of the solar PV systems and allows the solar panel to be mounted on the rooftop. The following checks need to be undertaken during the inspection of the structure.

Visual inspection of each component as per plans- the model number, Standards etc. Rooftop systems the mounting must be secure and weather tight. Check for proper ventilation, must be provided behind the array to prevent overheating.

Ground the system parts correctly to reduce the threat of shock hazard and induced surges. Aluminum should not be placed in direct contact with concrete. Ensure the design meets the local utility interconnection requirements.

Check mounting structures for rusting and corrosion. Array frame must be correctly fixed and the material must be corrosion-free.

Fig – Corrosion on the structure

Check that all the clamps are properly tightened. Check the distance between rows of Solar PV modules (passage for cleaning and maintenance).

Check the tilting angle. The optimal tilt of the fixed PV module is around the degree of latitude of that location (facing South in India).

(Ref: Best Practices in Operation and Maintenance of Rooftop Solar PV Systems in India – GERMI)

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