Basics of Rooftop Solar PV Inspection

Purpose of inspection of a Rooftop solar PV system could be:

  • Inspection by the Quality assurance department teams of various installer companies for internal assessment and reporting;
  • Installation verification and commissioning of a rooftop PV system by statutory bodies such as the  Electrical Inspector, Electricity Distribution Companies, State Nodal Agency, aligned to the regulatory and policy aspects, guidelines, compliance and financial assistance.
  • Inspection by Lender/Bank in case of the loan;
  • Verification of the quality of installation during a warranty claim.

Some major aspects covered during a visual inspection are:

  • Documentation inspection;
  • inspection of the PV arrays, mounting structure, cabling and workmanship;
  • inspection of DC cabling to the inverter;
  • inspection of the inverter and DC/AC Junction boxes, including location and connections;
  • inspection of the safety system and labelling, including lightning and overvoltage protection;
  • inspection of interconnection points, earthing, roof bearing capacity etc.

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