What is the meaning of safety regulation and why is it important?

Just like there are safety instructions and regulations when driving a car or riding a bike, there are industry approved safety regulations that every organization has to adhere to in order to safeguard their facilities and employees. The safety regulations can be defined as official standards of safety compliance that are to be followed which can also be enforced legally.

For every industry, the guidelines to safety compliance are updated regularly, so organizations require to keep themselves abreast with the latest updates. In 2019, the Director General Central Public Works Department, India published a handbook, “Safety, Health and Environment Handbook” with the recommended construction safety measures.  It is expected that engineers and contractors study the handbook and implement the safety measures in their respective organizations at the construction sites. The adherence to the measures will ensure that the number of occupational hazards are minimized or even completely eliminated. As for the individuals engaged in the power industry (DISCOMs), the safety regulations standardized by the Central Electricity Authority in 2010 along with the amendments are to be followed.


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