What are the general safety rules to minimize risk before, during and post-installation?

Safety should always be a priority during any installation. Although, most of the safety aspects and technical standards are followed by the manufactures and installers of the rooftop solar power plants, there are a few general safety rules that one should know to minimize risk in a solar power plant before, during and post-installation.


  • PV module installation area/roof must be thoroughly inspected by the installer for possible electrical, chemical, fire etc. hazards before installation
  • The roof where the solar power plant is being installed should be strong enough to support the weight of the plant to avoid future damage
  • Never install a PV power plant near chimneys or flame outlets that could damage the PV modules
  • PV module should be designed with safe lines (wherever needed) so that the maintenance and cleaning of the PV modules can be done safely

During installation

  • PV modules or other PV components should not be installed during bad weather. PV modules can be blown around by the wind or a storm which can result in you falling or damage to the PV system and nearby objects and even injury to humans
  • Always ensure that extreme safety precautions (including body harnesses, lifelines and safety nets) are used by the installer to prevent slipping, falling and causing injury when working, especially at height
  • Make sure the area underneath the installed PV modules is clean, clear and free of foreign objects which prevents from water logging
  • Make sure your entire solar power plant is properly and safely earth grounded to prevent electrical shock and injury
  • Always follow all the specific applicable safety regulations and guidelines for your state/area and electricity distribution company
  • Always protect the cables with UV protected conduit when wiring a solar power plant
  • Proper danger, warning, caution and instruction labels should be placed by the installer wherever applicable
  • The installer must use personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times during the installation process. PPE should also be used by everyone visiting the solar power plant during installation

Post Installation 

  • Never apply pressure on PV module by sitting or stepping on them or they might break and cause damage to the PV modules and components
  • Never touch any electrical contacts or wiring where warning, caution and instruction labels are installed
  • An instructional training about solar power plant operation, components, safety and maintenance should be arranged by the installer for the client

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