When should you install a rooftop solar system?

Though installing a solar PV system has multiple advantages, the installation is a comparatively large investment to make. Thus prior to approaching any installer, it is crucial that the consumer should check if it fulfills the following prerequisites:

  • Roof rights: As the solar PV system would preferably continue to generate electricity for 20-25 years, the consumer has to check if she/he has the right to use the rooftops for installing the solar PV system.
  • Location: The performance of the solar PV system would depend on the amount of direct sunlight the system receives. Thus the consumer has to check if the nearby buildings/ trees do not cast any major shadows throughout the day.
  • How long are you are going to live in your house? Though you will see an immediate reduction in your electricity bill after installing a PV system, however, it will take 4-5 years to recover the initial capital invested. Thus you may install a PV system if you plan to stay in the same house for the long term.
  • Type of roof: This is an important aspect to consider before installing a PV system. The solar panels can be installed on almost each and every rooftop. However, the type of roof may have an effect on the effort and the cost of the structure. If you happen to use terracotta shingles, you may need to find the installer who is experienced and skilled enough to work with such types of rooftops.

Did you check the above preconditions and if you fulfill it. Great! You may now approach your local electricity distribution company or fill the interest form available in this mobile application.

You are also requested to go through the next section which will guide you on how to check the proposal submitted by the installer.

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