How can I check if my roof is suitable to install solar PV?

A quick inspection of your roof is the first step in determining if you can install a rooftop solar PV system on your roof. The following are a few factors that one can check (before the installers) to know if the roof is suitable for the installation of solar PV.

1. Roof orientation 

The best position for solar panels is towards the south, but even west- and east-facing roofs can accommodate solar panels. However, you should keep in mind that skylights, air-conditioning units, and pipelines etc. installed on the roof can affect overall available space for the installation of solar panels.

2. Shading on the roof

It is important to take note of the shading caused by nearby water tanks, antennas or buildings & trees. These objects can have an effect on the performance of the solar PV system by causing obstructions between the sunlight and the solar panels. If you have a high-rise building casting a shadow on the complete roof area, installing solar panels on this roof may not be ideal, it would be better to avoid the installation in such shaded areas.

3. Age of the roof

The age of the roof/building is also one of the important factors primarily in the metal/asbestos roofs. Although the solar PV installation expert will study the roof profile in detail before designing and installation, here are a few points that can be observed:

  • Loose or broken tiles
  • Punctures and cracks
  • Standing water/leakages
  • Any type of structural damage

The video explains how to know if your roof is suitable for solar.

Video by: EnergySage (YouTube Channel)

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