Category-wise net cost for the consumer in Delhi under CAPEX model

The following are the capacity specific project cost payable by the consumer in Delhi under the CAPEX model. S.No. Category (CAPEX) Rs. per kWp (before Subsidy#) 1 1 kWp – 3 kWp 37,000 2 3 kWp – 10 kWp 37,000 3 Above 10 kWp – 100 kWp 37,790 4 Above 100KWp 33,931 5 1 kWp – 3 kWp with an elevated structure 37,000 + Rs.1100 per meter per kWp # Consumer has to make payment to the vendor after subsidy i.e. Net cost which is equal to total cost of installation minus MNRE subsidy MNRE Subsidy is applicable as under: Type of Residential Sector CFA (as percentage of benchmark cost or cost discovered through competitive process whichever is lower ) Up to 3 kWp capacity 40 % Above 3 kWp capacity and up to 10 kWp capacity* 40 % up to 3 kWp plus 20% for RTS system above 3 kWp and up to 10kW p Group Housing Societies/Residential Welfare Associations (GHS/RWA) etc. 20 % (limited to 10 kWp per house with a maximum limit of 500 kWp) *The residential sector users may install RTS plant of even higher capacity as provisioned by respective State electricity regulations; however, the CFA will be limited up to 10 kWp capacity of RTS plant.

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