What are the benefits of installing rooftop solar system?

Reduction of energy bills Installing solar power plant can help to save substantial amount of money on electricity bills. Per unit cost of energy generated from the solar plant is comparatively cheaper to energy purchased from the utility.

Use of underutilized roof area – Installing solar plant on the roof is most effective way to utilize roof. This not only increases the value of the home but also offers multiple financial benefits.

Participation in building modern Indian power system – Installing solar power plants supports creation of distributed power generation network and reduces need for extensive use of fossil fuels.

Reduce power losses – The energy can be produced though solar power plant on your own roof and can be consumed within your building, which limits transmission losses.

Renewable energy source Unlike fossil fuels and natural gas, the sun is a source of energy that is renewable. Going solar reduces our dependence on the fossil fuels.

Shrink your carbon footprint Going solar reduces the CO2 emissions, the leading cause of climate change and global warming.

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