Registration – RTS Project and Metering

After the installer is selected by the consumer (offline) and the EPC Agreement/Work Order is executed, the installer has the responsibility to act on behalf of the consumer for RTS implementation process on the SWC Portal. However, the consumer is responsible to provide authorization letter to the installer along with all necessary self attested documents pertaining to the application process on request of the Installer.

1. Submission of Application Form by Installer

Registration Form

This screen offers a consumer ID specific joint registration form to apply for the RTS Project Registration to Goa Energy Development Agency and Goa Electricity Department.

This form allows the Installer to submit mandatory registration documents i.e. Bills of Material, Single Diagram, Module Layout, Array Layout, PV Module Data Sheet, PV Module Compliance Certificate, Inverter Data Sheet, Inverter Compliance Certificate, Module Mounting Structure Certificate, Connection Agreement/Power Purchase Agreement.  The application fee receipt is also uploaded along with the Registration documents. On submission, the registration documents gets forwarded to the MRT Department for review and approval.

Please Note: Application fee as per prescribed JERC regulations is to be submitted in the form of Demand Draft in favor of Chief Electrical Engineer, Electricity Department, Goa at the respective division office.

2. Registration review by Goa Electricity Department (GED)

Registration review by Meter Relay & Testing (MRT) Department 

The registration documents are first reviewed by the Meter Relay & Testing department of GED.At this stage the role of MRT is to thoroughly study the documents for approval on design & safety or provide feedback (if any).


Feedback on Registration documents by MRT Department

In case of any feedback to be given on the submitted application, MRT submits its ‘Comments on Registration’ by clicking the ‘Feedback’ button of Electricity Department (MRT) approval under the ‘Approvals’ section of the registration form.

When a feedback is received from the MRT, the installer will receive a notification to resubmit the registration form with respect to the comment.In case of no comments on the application, MRT approves the registration.

Approval on Registration documents by MRT Department




Registration review and action by Chief Electrical Engineer (CEE)

After review and approval on the registration documents by MRT, the application gets auto forwarded to the CEE. At this stage the role of the CEE is to approve or reject the application. CEE also has the option to provide feedback on the application (if any).

Approval on Registration documents by CEE

Feedback on Registration documents by CEE

3. Application review by Goa Energy Development Agency(GEDA)



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