After the completion of Grid Interconnection stage, the request for ‘Commissioning’ gets auto generated to the Goa Energy Development Agency. Under this stage the Inspection, approval and commissioning is handled by GEDA.

Project Inspection (Details of the visiting officer)

After the installation of net meter, GEDA initiates the project site inspection.Under this section, GEDA submits the details of the visiting officer i.e. Name, Contact number and date of visit, by clicking the ‘Fill Data’ button. On submission of the same, an intimation is received by Consumer and Installer.

After the inspection is completed, inspection officer submits his comments/feedback (if any) regarding the actual plant capacity installed, adherence of minimum equipment and safety standards and supporting documents. GEDA may also reject the application at this stage if not found suitable.

Completion Certificate

Under this section, to declare the commissioning of the installed RTS plant, GEDA submits the necessary information i.e. plant inspection date, performance ratio test date, plant commissioning date and uploads the Joint inspection report and commissioning certificate.

On submission of the same, the plant is declared as ‘Commissioned’ and an auto generated intimation of the same is sent to Installer and consumer.

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