What is the effect of shading on a solar power plant?

Shading has a huge impact on the performance of solar photovoltaic panels. Solar power plants generate electricity proportionate to the amount of sunlight they receive. Therefore, when a shadow is cast on panels due to any obstruction in the path of sunlight falling on the panels, the power output decreases substantially. In fact, the solar photovoltaic panels consist of a number of cells which are connected together into a series circuit. Because of this, the performance of the solar panel is significantly reduced even if a smallest section of the panel is in shade.
Another issue from partial shading is overheating. Because of partial shading a part of the solar panel generates lower amount of energy as compared to the other non-shaded part. As the amount of power generated from shaded & non-shaded parts differs, it leads to overheating, hot-spot creation & causing irreversible damage of the cells, which in turn reduces the total power output of the solar panel.
Depending on the location of the object, the shading may be seasonal or for a few hours each day resulting in fluctuations in the power. The performance of solar  panels is affected by the shading effect due to trees, neighboring buildings, vegetation, poles and any other means.

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