What are the various classification of activities pertaining to Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of rooftop solar plant?

The various activities related to operation and maintenance of rooftop solar plant can be classified as below:

  • Preventative maintenance: It comprises of routine inspection and servicing of equipment with a specific task periodicity of all key components. This is done ?to prevent breakdowns and unnecessary production losses. Preventive maintenance is carried out in a manner to maintain the component warranties in place. The O&M contract includes scope of services under preventive maintenance and each task periodicity.
  • Corrective maintenance:  It covers the activities to be performed to restore component/s to a status where it can perform the required function. The corrective maintenance takes place after a failure detection either by remote monitoring and supervision or during regular inspections and specific measurement activities. Usually the contractor is obliged to comply with certain response times when there is a need of corrective maintenance.
  • Condition-based maintenance: Condition-based maintenance implicates monitoring of equipment condition and plant operations on a real-time basis and addresses a potential problem at a very early stage to prevent downtime. This approach uses periodic measurements to detect evidence that equipment is deteriorating, with the aim of extending service life by avoiding impending problems.

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