Do I have any obligations, as an owner of the rooftop solar plant, after I sign an operation & maintenance contract?

After signing the operation & maintenance contract with the contractor, the owner of the rooftop solar plant has following obligations:

  1. Information: In order for Contractor to adhere to any Project Contracts on behalf of Owner, Owner should provide Contractor with all manufacturer’s manuals, spare parts lists, plant data books and drawings, or any part thereof. Owner shall also provide Contractor with copies of all Project agreements and any amendments thereto and any other documents that define the plant’s operating requirements;
  2. Access to Plant: The Owner shall provide Contractor and its employees with access to the roof where the RTS Plant has been installed – as required for the performance of Contractor’s duties under this Contract. The Contractor shall schedule maintenance in advance with the Owner;
  3. Provision of water & Electricity: The Owner should provide water & electricity free of cost for maintenance purpose to the Contractor;
  4. Notice of Damage: Owner shall promptly notify Contractor if Owner becomes aware of any damage to or loss of the use of the RTS Plant;
  5. Periodic statutory clearances: Necessary statutory approvals on timely basis as may be required from the competent authorities like Chief Electrical Inspector approval, shall be arranged by the owner of the plant;

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