Consumer Interest

1. Submission of Installation interest by consumer

This screen requests the consumer to submit interest to install grid connected rooftop solar system. The form asks for minimum information i.e. name, phone number, email address, consumer category, PIN code.The consumer will have to acknowledge that he/she has the necessary rights to use the rooftop. Below is the Consumer Interest Form that will appear on the screen when customer clicks on the ‘I am Interested’ button on the welcome screen.

This screen also guides the consumer about the next steps and role of empanelled installers. The ‘know more’ button will guide the consumer about the necessary details for the rooftop rights requirements.  Based on the details provided, a consumer specific application ID is generated and the available list of SNA empanelled installers will be displayed to the consumer on the next screen.Consumer also receives the notification of interest submission via email and text message on his submitted mobile number.

2. Shortlisting of installers by consumer

On submitting interest the following screen appears which displays a unique consumer ID on successful submission of the installation interest form.

On this screen, a list of GEDA empanelled installers (for installing subsidized RTS system), along with their contact details will be made available to the consumer on the screen.Consumer is open to make his selection and is allowed to shortlist at least 2 installers and maximum of three installers from the list. However the complete list of installers is emailed to the consumers register email address for required reference if needed.This screen also guides the consumer on the process of shortlisting of the installers. On submitting the shortlisted names of the installers the following message appears on the screen.

This screen displays a “thank you” message confirming the successful submission of the names of installers shortlisted by the consumer. It will intimate the consumer that the shortlisted installer will contact them soon. Simultaneously, the shortlisted installers will be intimated about the installation interest and will be requested to immediately communicate with the consumer.Consumer also receives the notification about shortlisted installers via email and text message on his submitted mobile number.

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